Leading the field for over four decades, the team at Bonora Rountree brings a wealth of experience in civil litigation and criminal defense. Our background in civil cases ranges from highly complex business suits involving billions of dollars to the tort claims of individuals, and is equally broad in the criminal area. No case is too big, or too small. We tailor our services to fit your strategic needs and financial considerations. We are consultants for many of the country’s most successful litigators, as well as for lawyers trying their first case. We understand the complications that large trial teams encounter in their trial preparation as well as the challenges that solo practitioners encounter with limited budgets or resources.

Jurors make their decisions at trial using their intellect, and their hearts. The challenge for the trial lawyer is to frame the case so that jurors can reason their way to a verdict without contradicting their instincts about what is right and just. Our approach is to help lawyers develop trial strategies and case themes that will reach people—all kinds of people—in ways that appeal to their intellectual, emotional, and moral concerns.

Judges are people too. If you have a bench trial, or are going into arbitration or mediation, persuasive communication is just as important as in a jury trial. Our services help counsel communicate the essential themes, facts, and legal arguments to present the strongest case possible.

Settlement Most often, cases settle. That all-important decision about whether to settle or not includes an evaluation of the chances of success and magnitude of risk. Research with mock jurors provides a fresh perspective on what might really happen at trial and helps you and your clients make these crucial decisions.